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Block Island is a small New England island situated 13 miles off the tip of Montauk and 14 miles from the coast of Rhode Island. It’s less well-known than it’s counterparts, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and that’s partly on purpose. Block Island is modest. You won’t find expensive shopping, fine dining (although there are some […]


Iris Garcia is our pattern maker. She single-handedly created all of the patterns and samples for our current collection. She’s also Puerto Rican. Chicago born, New York raised. An avid coffee drinker. A UFC gym member. And incredibly passionate about both clothing and life. Iris has met me at 7am in the Garment District to […]


Last week I took the week off. Right in the midst of gearing up for production. This past year has left me mostly weekend-less and working late at night almost every night. I love working on Eenvoud, but once our Kickstarter rolled past $10k, I was done. Nothing left to give – no energy, no […]


In honor of this Sunday (it’s Mother’s Day – get on it!), we’d like to introduce our friend and fellow designer, Angela Tsai. Angela is not only an entrepreneur, but also a mother of two little kiddos and a full-time traveler (her husband is Scar in the musical, The Lion King). Angela has designed a product intended to […]


The past two weeks have been a wild ride. As the shock of hitting our goal so quickly has slowly worn off, I’ve found myself in a weird place. People starting talking about Eenvoud. Friends I haven’t seen in years thoughtfully posted about us on Facebook. Strangers pledged to our campaign and sent me beautiful […]


Besides working on Eenvoud, my other job is working as a fit model in New York City. When I tell people that this is what I do, most people envision this. Nope. In fact, I have to be careful with how much I work out. A fit model is a person thats used by a […]


Last week I tripped. Hard. This past month has felt like running a marathon at a sprinter’s speed and I finally fell. I got really stressed out and then I got really sick. Having to slow down and take things easier has reminded me that pushing that hard to make things happen doesn’t work in […]


Tina is a fellow Factory45 alumni, a strong female entrepreneur, a friend and confidant and an overall sparkly person. While not a clothing designer, her product, The Sparkboard, is made for designers. Learn more below. About Tina: Tina is an Atlanta-based interior designer and the founder of The Sparkboard. The Sparkboard is an inspiration corkboard by […]


Spring hit New York this week. And the warmth is inspiring small shifts in my daily routine. Running outside instead of at the gym. Iced coffee over hot. Lunch on the stoop. A few wardrobe updates. If you’re like me, a new season can throw you a little off sartorially. Layers come off, but I […]


We first met Mikaela Bradbury briefly at a coffee shop in the West Village nearly two years ago, and she has since very happily and serendipitously popped back into our world. About Mikaela: Mikaela is a South African-born New Yorker and the designer and founder of a fashion line called ARJUNA.AG. Mikaela first discovered the […]