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The Little Things

An ice cream cone in the middle of the day. Walking slowly to work. A croissant from the French bakery down the street – on a Monday. Noticing something beautiful on your block that you’ve never truly seen before. Having somebody innocently and genuinely smile at you. Finding a note from a loved one in an […]


Block Island is a small New England island situated 13 miles off the tip of Montauk and 14 miles from the coast of Rhode Island. It’s less well-known than it’s counterparts, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and that’s partly on purpose. Block Island is modest. You won’t find expensive shopping, fine dining (although there are some […]


Iris Garcia is our pattern maker. She single-handedly created all of the patterns and samples for our current collection. She’s also Puerto Rican. Chicago born, New York raised. An avid coffee drinker. A UFC gym member. And incredibly passionate about both clothing and life. Iris has met me at 7am in the Garment District to […]


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