I’ve spent the past several weeks working on writing and editing a script for our upcoming Kickstarter. I’ve never written a script before, but knew what I wanted to say. So piece of cake, right? Wrong. I’ve spent the past 3 weeks trying to cram 800 words into the space of 200; trying to be inspiring, but also get all of the facts in; confused by too many messages; lost; found; lost. And then, Shannon Whitehead clarified everything instantly for me by advising me to just to speak to my ideal customer.

And just like that, all of the striving for the right words dissipated. I sat down this morning and wrote freely and with ease. I wrote what will be our script. No second draft necessary.

I’ve begun to notice that almost every decision I’ve made in the past year has been instantaneous and from the gut (or heart or soul). And there have been many decisions. They all felt right and not because I had rationally analyzed them. And they’ve all worked out. The things that I’ve struggled withlike this scriptare the things that I fought for against my gut. I felt like I had to fit in all the right info, say things in the right tone and in the right order. All of those things are important. But when you allow yourself to free fall and it feels right, then, it is right. The right people will feel that energy in what you’ve created and that’s all that matters. Others won’t connect and that’s ok. They’re not who you’re reaching out to anyways.

Another big gut decision I made in the last year was to apply for Factory45. I had heard about the program while in the midst of feeling a little lost and trying to decide if I should dedicate the energy to Eenvoud that it deserved or to walk away. I remember the moment that my gut jerked me awake so clearly. I was on a train home from a weekend trip and whipped out my computer. It happened to be the last day of submissions. I wrote my application on that ride, submitted it and that quick decision changed the course of my life. Turns out that I didn’t walk away, but instead have dedicated myself to that thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about for so long. And now it’s real. And our script is written. And we’re launching in less than a month.

Applications to round 2 of Factory45 opened this week. If you feel a pull, go with it.

To learn more about Factory45 and to apply, click here.

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