Minimalist + sustainable womenswear made in New England. We make only 3 new garments per season. Buy less, buy better, enjoy the little things in life.

The Little Things

An ice cream cone in the middle of the day. Walking slowly to work. A croissant from the French bakery down the street – on a Monday. Noticing something beautiful on your block that you’ve never truly seen before. Having somebody innocently and genuinely smile at you. Finding a note from a loved one in an […]


Block Island is a small New England island situated 13 miles off the tip of Montauk and 14 miles from the coast of Rhode Island. It’s less well-known than it’s counterparts, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and that’s partly on purpose. Block Island is modest. You won’t find expensive shopping, fine dining (although there are some […]


Iris Garcia is our pattern maker. She single-handedly created all of the patterns and samples for our current collection. She’s also Puerto Rican. Chicago born, New York raised. An avid coffee drinker. A UFC gym member. And incredibly passionate about both clothing and life. Iris has met me at 7am in the Garment District to […]


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