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Fit Modeling


Besides working on Eenvoud, my other job is working as a fit model in New York City. When I tell people that this is what I do, most people envision this. Nope. In fact, I have to be careful with how much I work out. A fit model is a person thats used by a […]

Eenvoud slowing down


Last week I tripped. Hard. This past month has felt like running a marathon at a sprinter’s speed and I finally fell. I got really stressed out and then I got really sick. Having to slow down and take things easier has reminded me that pushing that hard to make things happen doesn’t work in […]


Tina is a fellow Factory45 alumni, a strong female entrepreneur, a friend and confidant and an overall sparkly person. While not a clothing designer, her product, The Sparkboard, is made for designers. Learn more below. About Tina: Tina is an Atlanta-based interior designer and the founder of The Sparkboard. The Sparkboard is an inspiration corkboard by […]


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