The past two weeks have been a wild ride. As the shock of hitting our goal so quickly has slowly worn off, I’ve found myself in a weird place. People starting talking about Eenvoud. Friends I haven’t seen in years thoughtfully posted about us on Facebook. Strangers pledged to our campaign and sent me beautiful messages (thank you!). And, all that I wanted to do was hide. To pull the covers over my head and ignore the noise. And to not work. At all.

I was equally as shocked by this complete lack of motivation as I was by our success. Was I burnt out? Maybe. Was it relief? Definitely. But after some reflection, I think what was really going on was that I hit a hard ceiling I had set for myself. I had my sights set on our $10,000 goal, but nothing more. Well, we smashed through that ceiling pretty quickly and it left me feeling unworthy. It overwhelmed me. It made me want to hide, and I did for about a week. It’s a strange feeling – getting what you’ve worked so hard for and having it scare the shit (yeah, shit) out of you. It was a first for me.

Marie Forleo recently posted about this exact topic (ironically on the day that we hit our goal) and I highly recommend giving it a watch – Stop Self Sabotage: How To Handle Your Upper Limit Problem.

I’m back in my groove again and feeling excited about where we’re going. We just signed on a studio space with our friend and fellow designer Kristin of Seamly Co. Everything is blooming outside. It’s all good.

Have you ever experienced hitting an ‘upper limit’? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I found your blog through the project 333’s blog post today. You are an amazing writer and I really love that you are so honest about reaching your goals. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel the way you’d thought it’d feel once you get there. It has a lot to do with us not feeling that we deserve the chance to do our dreams! You have a solid story and simplicity will prevail! I look forward to seeing your brand develop and would love to take a trip to visit your store in the future! Take care!

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    Oh, girl. The feeling is all too familiar. I’ve been working on awareness around my upper limits lately and it’s certainly not easy. It always helps me to know that others are feeling it as well 🙂

  3. william
    william says:

    Dear Jesse,

    I can not tell you how proud and excited I am at where you are in both your business and in your inner self.
    By meditating, listening to your inner self and following those paths that you know are correct for you, you will always be walking on the correct ones.
    Please keep in touch as I would like to hear the whole story.
    Your fashion friend,


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