December Feelings

December can get crazy. There’s this pressure to get everything done so that you can relax by Christmas. There’s pressure to attend all of the parties. There’s pressure to spend money buying gifts. There’s pressure to find the perfect gifts. This year, I’m trying to take a step away from all of that and instead am focusing on all of the little things that can make this month feel so warm.

Below are two quotes that I’ve come across recently.

“Dios aprieta peru no ahorca.” (God squeezes, but he does not choke.)

Our patternmaker, Iris, said this to me during an especially crazy pre-photoshoot day a few weeks ago. God / the universe / the world will push you, but only for your own good. It wants you to grow, not shrink.

“People always think that happiness is a faraway thing,” thought Francie, “something complicated and hard to get. Yet, what little things can make it up; a place of shelter when it rains – a cup of strong hot coffee when you’re blue; for a man, a cigarette for contentment; a book to read when you’re alone – just to be with someone you love. Those things make happiness.” -A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The holidays don’t have to be about how many festivities you made it to or if you found the very best sweater for your brother. Instead, they can (and should) be about taking the time for and spreading the warmth.