Simplicity means something different to everyone. Some people shun the concept. Others cultivate it into a lifestyle. For us, simplicity is a way of living — a choice in everything you do driven by slowing down and being present. Simplicity breeds a sense of ease and joy in the small moments and the little things. There are many ways of living simply, but for us, it looks something like this — the life of our muse:

She lives in Brooklyn, but spends a lot of her time outside of the city in nature. She’s confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin. She honors herself by eating healthy, enjoying every moment of life and staying active. She’s creative, in her job and outside of it. She’s the creative director of her own design company. She’s not married, but she’s in a serious relationship. She’s learned that simplicity and balance are the keys to happiness and her life reflects this in all facets, from the amount of things that she owns, the way that she structures her day and her few very close friends. Any excess is just noise that gets cut away. She believes that the little things in life are what really matter in the end. She’s frugal, but invests in well-made things that will stay with her for a long time. She will splurge on an adventure to a far away land. That adventure won’t involve a beach resort. She can be introverted, but has a few very close friends that she can rely on even if they go several weeks without speaking. She likes to photograph, cook simple, healthy and delicious meals, take hour long lunch breaks with a book, catch the sunset as often as possible. She feels at home on the ocean and gets to it as much as possible. She’s close with her family. She’s in love with life despite the hardships that she’s made it through. She is self-actualized and expanding every day. One day she will become an old woman with a gleam in her eye that makes you wonder what she did with her life.

As we move into the holidays and then onwards into 2015, remember — it’s the simple things in life that really matter in the end.