Tina is a fellow Factory45 alumni, a strong female entrepreneur, a friend and confidant and an overall sparkly person. While not a clothing designer, her product, The Sparkboard, is made for designers. Learn more below.

About Tina:

Tina is an Atlanta-based interior designer and the founder of The Sparkboard. The Sparkboard is an inspiration corkboard by day that turns into a piece of modern art by night. As a creative person who’s always wanting to tack stuff up on my walls, but who also wants a clean and minimalistic home, The Sparkboard is perfect for me. Tina’s Kickstarter campaign to fund her first production run is live now here!

What is the meaning behind the name The Sparkboard?

For me, “spark” is anything that makes you feel alive, connected to the present moment and full of possibility.  The Sparkboard is a dedicated space where people can capture and explore their creative spark.

Do you have an ideal customer or muse? Who is he or she?

Yes. YOU! J/k… kind of. 🙂

My ideal customer is a woman who’s creating a career and a life on her own terms. She’s tapped into her creativity and using her natural gifts to bring beautiful products, services and powerful messages to the world.

Tell us a little about your creative process. How do you come up with new ideas or designs?

My brain is a strange mix between type-A control freak and carefree playful dreamer. Harnessing the right part at the right time is not always easy. I generally get my best ideas when I’m out for a long walk or dancing around the house. I write down good ideas or things to remember on scraps of paper and try to keep it all in one dedicated place (obviously for me that’s The Sparkboard!). Then I’ll get clear on the desired outcome of my project and work my way there using the notes I’ve saved in my SB as jumping off points or building blocks. I don’t know if this makes any sense but it seems to be the way my process unfolds!

What does sustainable design mean to you?

Creating high quality, timeless pieces that add beauty and functionality to a space (or a wardrobe!) for years to come.  Using materials that are responsibly sourced without depleting or overtaxing our current resources.  Choosing production partners who value social and environmental responsibility.

The Sparkboard is all about fostering your inner spark. How to you keep yourself balanced and inspired while running your own company?

I have to make time for play and personal care in my daily schedule. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and overworked when you’re your own boss.  No one else is going to tell me to take a break or take time to celebrate my wins (no matter how small!) so it’s my responsibility to build that into my workday.  This is a lesson I’m still trying to fully learn.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A wide-leg, high waist navy jumpsuit with a cropped, white tailored jacket! I have an outfit like this that I wore to my wedding rehearsal, to The Sparkboard photoshoot and to several other important gigs in between. It lets me feel super pulled together and super comfortable all at the same time!

Finish this sentence. Simplicity is:

Having everything you need and nothing you don’t.