The Little Things

An ice cream cone in the middle of the day.
Walking slowly to work.
A croissant from the French bakery down the street – on a Monday.
Noticing something beautiful on your block that you’ve never truly seen before.
Having somebody innocently and genuinely smile at you.
Finding a note from a loved one in an unexpected place.
Getting whipped cream on your hot chocolate.
Taking an hour lunch break to sit outside, even when you’re busy.
Reading on a stoop in the sun.
Burger dates with your best friend.
Witnessing an act of kindness between two strangers.
Watching the sun rise and set.
Going to the movies with coffee on a cold morning.
Going to the movies on opening night alone (you always get a seat).
Giving and receiving gifts with deep meaning.
Seeing an old man or woman smile wide.
Having somebody you love take your hand in theirs.
Reading a really good book in one day.
Reading in the same position until a limb falls asleep, and still not moving.
Exploring a new place with no agenda.
Listening to a new song on repeat for an entire afternoon.
Cooking for your parents.
Sitting by a wood fire in the morning.
S’mores made over a campfire.
Being surrounded by fireflies.
That feeling of instant calm when you arrive at the ocean.
Swimming with your dog.
Body surfing a wave all the way to shore.
A really really good glass of red wine.
A hike on the first perfect fall day.
Laying in the grass on a summer night staring up at the stars.
A long run in the woods with your music turned up.
A perfectly ripe summer tomato.
Homemade dinner alfresco.

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” -Laura Ingalls Wilder

What are your little things?

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